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Trial Design

Optimize your protocol based on real time patient availability

Deep 6 takes a uniquely differentiated approach to clinical research acceleration, with cutting-edge AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to drive precision patient matches for clinical trials:

  • Search structured data, such as ICD-10 codes, dates, etc. and unstructured data, such as physician notes, pathology reports, lab results and more.
  • Concept mapping represents patients as graphs. Dynamic, holistic patient views generate new clinical insights and helps leverage wider clinical context for matches.
  • Search using inclusion AND exclusion criteria, leveraging all data from concept mapping.
  • Real-time queries show which inclusion and exclusion criteria have the biggest effects on your patient totals and allows partial matches to be viewed.
  • Names are continuously updated as new patients are added and patients who are no longer qualified are removed.

For sponsors, search across the entire Deep 6 ecosystem with a single search.

Site Selection

Know where your patients are located before you start your trial

Site selection is critical for a successful clinical trial with the cost of starting a site often over $75,000.  Avoid failed trial sites by:

  • Ensure you have enough patients before you start discussions with the site.
  • Know the patient demographics, ethnicity and much more to ensure you comply with FDA policies.

The worst site is the one that finds one patient. Only start trials at sites that have critical mass with our software.

Patient Recruitment

Precision match patients to trials

Our precision-matching software mines millions of patient records, including unstructured information, such as physician notes, pathology reports and lab reports to pinpoint eligible study patients in real time. Deep 6 eliminates months of manual data validation, to de-risk and accelerate clinical trials.

  • Patients are represented as graphs. Dynamic, holistic patient views generate new clinical insights and help leverage a wider clinical context for matches, in minutes rather than months.
  • Concept mapping links structured data such as ICD-10 codes to unstructured data such as physician notes, pathology reports and lab results by mapping 120+ ontologies in the backend.
  • Deep 6 returns partial matches. Researchers can see which patients could qualify, but are missing a key lab result.

Vastly more powerful than simple keyword or ICD-10 code searches.


Monitor enrollment in real time

Every major milestone can be measured, tracked, and compared to a baseline to encourage KPI-driven recruitment and enrollment.

  • Real-time patient counts by site and by recruitment stage.
  • Deep 6 shows physicians studies their patients qualify for and enables easy referrals. This ensures that research remains part of their practice and does not come at the expense of seeing fewer patients.

Clinical Trials to the Power of AI

Deep 6 AI is the leader in precision research software, connecting all research stakeholders in an AI-powered, real-time ecosystem. Our precision matching software mines millions of patient records, including “unstructured” physician notes, to pinpoint eligible patients in real time. Deep 6 eliminates months of manual data validation, de-risks and accelerates clinical trials, because clinical trials should be an accelerator, not a bottleneck to innovation. Clinical trials to the power of AI.

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Precision Matching for the Era of Precision Medicine

Precision matching on the Deep 6 ecosystem, empowers you to accelerate your clinical trials and have more successful outcomes in a shorter time. Launch your studies sooner by understanding exactly where your patients are before you start a trial.  See real-time proof of eligible patients across all the sites within the Deep 6 AI ecosystem or at your site in one portal. Know which patients to target at which site on day one of the study. Target underrepresented populations. Hit your recruitment goals and get your novel therapies to market faster with Deep 6 AI. 

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