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Last week Deep 6 AI’s Vice President of Marketing, Emily Hossellman, published an article reflecting on her impressions about the industry after 90 days with the Deep 6 team. She detailed the opportunity and the challenges in front of the industry and Deep 6 as they tackle the fascinating intersection of artificial intelligence and clinical trials.



The response from the industry to the article has been incredible and we encourage you to read the entire thing, but here are a few of our favorite takeaways from the post.


On what she’s hearing from researchers in the field:

“Within a week I was on the floor at MAGI West … listening to those devoting their careers to research share their successes and struggles in this exceedingly complex industry. I started noticing themes – nervousness about the rapid rise of unproven tech, the need to balance patient privacy with interoperability and data completeness, and the importance of keeping patient care at the center of everything they do in a rapidly changing ecosystem.”


On what’s holding back more innovation in healthcare:

“The medical industry isn’t short on ideas on how to improve the healthcare we receive every day, but rather the clinical trials process (while crucial to ensure only proven treatments make it to market) is acting as a bottleneck for innovation and improvement. In the meantime, millions of people are impacted by life-threatening illnesses, while life-saving treatments are delayed for years, or even permanently. For time-sensitive conditions like cancer, patients don’t have months or years to wait.”


On looking beyond AI as a buzzword:

“But AI is just part of the puzzle. AI by itself isn’t a product. It’s how you use AI to solve real problems for real users in an intuitive, meaningful way that creates the true magic. And that’s where Deep 6 is really shining. Our platform allows researchers to build queries and find patients that fit complex criteria in a matter of seconds, then takes them straight to where that evidence is in the record, so they can identify and recruit patients for clinical trials in a matter of minutes. But even that’s just the beginning.


We’re working with physicians and research staff on the frontline battling our toughest medical challenges to understand how they think about medical conditions and how they use medical records to support patient care. From there we’re building a platform that empowers them to see and understand their patients’ data in ways they never could before.”


There’s a lot more to the article that you should check out, but this highlights the immense opportunity in front of us and how committed we are to making the most of it!


We have more articles in the works from the Deep 6 AI leadership team talking about how we’re shaping this new and exciting industry. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our open positions. If you’d like a demo of the platform that’s inspiring so much passion and energy, request one here. And be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop as we publish more articles! And, of course, feel free to connect with Emily on LinkedIn.


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