ABC News Discusses Deep 6 AI and StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force

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Last week, ABC News published an article discussing the newly formed StartX Med COVID-19 Task Force, a branch of the incubator created by Stanford alumni scientists and physicians. We at Deep 6 AI are excited to be a part of the group of companies coming together with the common goal of fast-tracking the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the novel coronavirus.


Here at Deep 6 AI, we’ve recognized the major shift this pandemic will cause in the field of clinical research. Our team has been laser-focused on identifying the best ways to expand our existing platform to support hospitals as they fight the pandemic and adjust to the new normal.


Our software helps researchers find patients for studies by searching through the structured and unstructured data in the site’s electronic medical records in real time, giving research staff a powerful tool in the journey to understand and fight the virus. We’re working with our customers to help them leverage this patient data to support them in their service on the frontline and in clinical research operations to come.


The article by Lucien Bruggeman goes on to describe how the participants of the task force are all innovators in their field and highlighting the work being done by some of these companies in order to push this mission forward. We hope, with our combined efforts, that we can come one step closer to overcoming this. If your hospital is working on their plan on how to manage clinical trials and COVID research in this new environment, request a demo and we’ll walk you through how our platform is helping other hospitals in this fight.


Read the full ABC News article here!

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