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The next generation of AI in clinical trials

Deep 6 AI finds more, better-qualified patients in minutes rather than months using AI in clinical trials. Using artificial intelligence on medical records, we accelerate patient recruitment exponentially, getting life-saving cures to people faster.

Founded in 2016, Deep 6 AI is on a mission to bring life-saving treatments to patients faster with AI in clinical trials. Our AI mines real-time clinical data, structured and unstructured, to precision-match patients to clinical trials. The Deep 6 Precision Research Ecosystem connects researchers, physicians, sponsors and CROs to advance research faster than the speed of disease.

Clinical trials are the foundation of modern medicine and its many successes. Every new drug, device, or procedure must be tested in a clinical trial, to prove that it’s safe and it works, before going to market. With the advent and promise of precision medicine, targeting treatments which are highly specific to some patients, but don’t work for all, the manual, indiscriminate ways of recruiting patients into studies has failed. Instead of being a highly valuable gatekeeper to innovation in medicine, clinical trials have often become a bottleneck. We are fixing this.

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Deep 6 AI is a fast-growing tech startup company in Pasadena, California looking for talented, dynamic team members who want to help shape our groundbreaking artificial intelligence platform.

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Wout Brusselaers
Wout Brusselaers
CEO & Founder
Jason Colbert
Chief Technology Officer
Toni Holway headshot
Antonia Holway. PhD
Head of Clinical Programs
Tim Keliher
Chief Revenue Officer
Doug Cassidy
Doug Cassidy
Senior Vice President & General Manager, HCO
Laurie Thackeray
Vice President, Marketing
Amit Masaun
Vice President, Engineering
CISO Michael Loria
Michael Loria
Chief Information Security Officer