We are relentless problem-solvers

Who we are

Deep 6 AI (formerly Deep 6 Analytics) finds more, better patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months, getting life-saving cures to people more quickly.


We are scientists, technologists, and problem-solvers working hand-in-hand with doctors and researchers to tackle one of healthcare’s big challenges: how to make their data more usable. Using math, unstructured data analytics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, we help healthcare innovators get the information they need to get life-saving cures to patients faster.


Founded in 2013, Deep 6 AI got its start by beating out the top names in analytics in a US government-sponsored contest, leading to a contract with the intelligence community, arguably the most complex data environment in the world. Since 2016, Deep 6 AI has focused exclusively on healthcare, working with industry leaders such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Deep 6 AI now uses its AI expertise to accelerate patient recruitment exponentially and get life-saving cures to people faster. Deep 6 AI is a privately held company headquartered in Pasadena, California, a technology and design innovation hub and home to leading science, research, and design institutions.

What we do

About 90% of all data in the world is unstructured, yet very few software tools know how to leverage the information it contains. We build smarter applications that understand massive amounts of unstructured data at a very high speed and learn from users to single out the information that is most important to them. Deep 6 AI applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to all clinical data to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, cutting recruitment delays significantly and getting cures to the people who need them more quickly.

Who we help

Deep 6 AI helps researchers find more patients for clinical trials faster, cutting months or even years off the time it takes to advance their research and get new cures to patients. We also help physicians identify trials for their patients as alternative treatments when standard methods of care fall short. By leveraging the information already contained in medical health records, Deep 6 AI also enables patients to find clinical trials they are eligible for, giving them more control over their health and treatment options.


Wout Brusselaers, CEO


CEO + Co-founder

Wout is the CEO and co-founder of Deep 6 AI. Wout started his career as a diplomat in the Middle East before joining global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, serving a wide variety of industries across Asia. Next, Wout founded an extreme sports adventure company in Singapore and then spent five years in the high-stakes world of international security, growing and leading a 22,000-headcount organization across four continents into a $500M global player. In 2013, Wout co-founded Deep 6 AI. Wout is a frequent speaker on artificial intelligence in healthcare and works closely with hospitals, pharma companies and research institutes on patient recruitment programs.

Brian Dolan, co-founder and chief scientist


Chief Scientist + Co-founder

Brian is Deep 6 AI’s Chief Scientist and co-founder. Brian has led enterprise analytic projects from design to implementation for clients like EMC, SuperValu, Northern Trust, Zions National Bank, Havas Media, T-mobile, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and Research In Motion. Formerly Chief Scientist at Greenplum and Director of Research Analytics at Fox/MySpace, he has developed thousands of machine learning products. His consulting experience includes numerous state and local governments. In 2013, Brian co-founded Deep 6 AI.

Andrew Hall, CTO


Chief Technology Officer

Andrew is the CTO for Deep 6 AI. A 25-year software veteran, Andrew has a proven track record of incorporating new technology to successfully build innovative products. Formerly the Vice President of Engineering at Instant.ly and Director of Engineering for Securant Technologies, Andrew is responsible for leading the development of Deep 6 AI’s scalable application and security infrastructure.

Linda Souza, VP, Marketing


Vice President, Marketing

Linda has nearly 20 years of experience in technology marketing for startups and has helped lead companies to successful acquisition, mergers, and IPOs. Previously, Linda served as VP of marketing for Central Desktop, director of marketing at Everbridge, and globalization product manager at Ariba (formerly FreeMarkets). She also heads up Chief Marketers Los Angeles.