About Deep 6 AI

Who we are

Deep 6 AI finds more patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months, getting life-saving cures to people more quickly.

Deep 6 AI got its start by beating out some of the biggest names in analytics in a U.S. government-sponsored competition. This led to a contract with the U.S. intelligence community, which is perhaps the most complex data environment in the world. Since 2016, Deep 6 AI has focused exclusively on healthcare, participating in the Cedars-Sinai Accelerator powered by Techstars, the Healthbox modified-accelerator program, and Stanford’s StartX Accelerator. Deep 6 AI was founded in 2015 and is based in Pasadena, CA.

What we do

About 90% of all data in the world is unstructured, yet very few software tools know how to leverage the information it contains. We build applications that understand massive amounts of unstructured data at a very high speed and learn from users to single out the information that is most important to them. Deep 6 AI applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to all clinical data to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, accelerating recruitment exponentially and getting cures to the people who need them more quickly.

Who we help


  • Complete clinical trials faster and take on more research, increasing revenues
  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Attract and retain better physicians and researchers


  • Refer patients to trials when the standard of care falls short


  • Get access to cutting-edge therapies with a single click
  • Take more control over health and treatment options


  • Select clinical trial sites based on real-time patient data
  • Accelerate patient recruitment for faster time to market and more time under patent
  • Get real-time study results



CEO + Founder

Talha Basit Headshot

Talha Basit

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Brubaker Headshot

Chris Brubaker

Chief Marketing & Customer Officer

Rachel Heiss

Vice President, Operations

Doug Cassidy

Vice President, Sales

Jason Attunucci

VP and General manager of Life Sciences


Vice President, Business Development