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Brian Dolan, co-founder of Deep 6 Analytics and expert in data science and artificial intelligence, will give a poster presentation on using artificial intelligence to identify patients for clinical trials at AIMed 2016.

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Speeding up patient identification for clinical trials with artificial intelligence

80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, and 50% of sites enroll one or no patients. Finding and matching patients to trials is a slow, manual process requiring extensive outreach efforts and in-depth review of medical records by trained clinical staff.

In this presentation, Brian will discuss how Deep 6 Analytics is applying artificial intelligence, natural language processing and data analytics to clinical data in electronic health records to match patients against clinical trial eligibility criteria. To get a true representation of whether this approach is valid and beneficial, Deep 6 Analytics is conducting a retrospective review of a study to validate a biomarker for non-small cell lung cancer in which every step was thoroughly documented to serve as a benchmark.

The AI software will be run against the same patient medical records to measure the results, the speed of patient recruitment, quality of patients based on eligibility criteria, and the quantity of patients identified using this approach versus conventional patient identification methods. We will also examine the benefits of various machine learning and NLP techniques in the patient identification process.

Abstract: Using artificial intelligence on electronic health records to speed up patient identification for clinical trials
Speaker: Brian Dolan, Deep 6 Analytics
Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2016
Time: 5:30 to 7:00 pm PT
Session: Abstract Presentations
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, CA

This poster presentation is part of AIMed’s “Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery” theme.


Deep 6 Analytics will also exhibit in the AIMed Startup Nest with other hot startups making waves in the artificial intelligence for healthcare space. Stop by!


AIMed is bringing together the brightest minds in artificial intelligence in medicine

AIMed is the first international multidisciplinary symposium on artificial intelligence in medicine. The conference brings together hundreds of clinicians, data scientists, and other experts to discuss analytics and algorithms, big data, cloud and cognitive computing, and deep learning in medicine and healthcare. AIMed is presented by CHOC Children’s of Orange County and the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3).

Brian Dolan, expert in artificial intelligence and data science

Brian Dolan has 20 years of data science and artificial intelligence experience. Prior to founding Deep 6 Analytics, he was chief data scientist at Greenplum (EMC) and headed up the data science teams at Yahoo and MySpace/FOX. He also co-authored the seminal Mad Skills White Paper.

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