Built in LA Shares How We’re Supporting our Community During the Pandemic

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The team at Deep 6 AI knows the importance of rallying together in difficult times to maintain a spirit of progress and positivity. That’s why we feel honored to be included in this article by Built in LA about local tech companies doing their part to support the Los Angeles community in this era of COVID-19. Our CEO Wout Brusselaers outlined Deep 6 AI’s focus right now during the pandemic:


Built in LA: “In what ways is your team giving back to the local community right now, and why?”

Wout: “We focus on where we can make the biggest impact with our specific resources and expertise. First of all, that means committing to our most local community: our team. Deep 6 AI has worked hard to assemble a world-class team of smart, talented people with a deep passion for driving innovation in healthcare. My goal is to keep that team together and focused on our mission: getting life-saving treatments to patients faster.”


Built in LA: “How have you expanded, adapted or changed your product offering or strategy in light of recent events?”

Wout: “It is always a privilege to work in healthcare, given the purpose and the impact this lends to our professional and personal lives. So for us, the current crisis is yet another opportunity to double down on our mission and help the efforts to battle the pandemic.

For Deep 6, that means that we immediately expanded our AI-driven clinical trials acceleration software to accurately detect evidence of SARS-CoV-2 across our hospital partners’ rapidly growing patient data. This helps researchers on the front lines of the crisis find patients for the many clinical trials that are required to bring a COVID-19 vaccine to market, as soon as safely possible.”


The right technology in the hands of researchers has a massive opportunity to impact our ability to understand and respond to this pandemic. Read more about what we’re doing to support our customer hospitals as they conduct COVID research and subscribe to our newsletter to get future updates.


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