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This week Deep 6’s own Rajesh Sharma spoke at The Future of Clinical Research: Artificial Intelligence event by the Clinical Research Association of Canada. The goal of the event was to discuss how AI can be applied to clinical trials and whether it can live up to hype.


In his session on “How AI is Transforming Clinical Trials Recruitment”, Raj outlined how significant logistical and practical challenges result in astronomically high patient recruitment costs for clinical trials. And even with the millions of dollars being poured into patient recruitment, half of sites fail to recruit a single patient. This slows down the process of clinical trials while hiking up the cost.


He then dug into what makes the current patient recruitment process so difficult and time-consuming. The challenges come down to the fact that 80% of patient data is “locked” in unstructured data, which most IT queries can’t reach. And even if the queries can look at the data, it’s often too inconsistent or incomplete to be valuable.


That’s where AI comes in. Natural language processing allows AI to look for medical concepts within unstructured data, such as doctors notes, pathology reports, and test results. AI can understand all the different ways a concept can manifest in the data, even inferring a medical concept when some data is missing.


This opens up a significant opportunity to make clinical trial recruitment faster, less costly, and more effective. Major academic medical centers are already using our software to significantly cut down on the time it takes to recruit and validate patients for their trials, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Rajesh Sharma, Director of Clinical and Academic Partnerships, speaking at the Clinical Research Association of Canada


If you’d like to hear some more of what Raj presented during his session, you can listen to the follow-up Research Slayer podcast episode. Or you can you can schedule a demo with our team to learn more about how AI is changing the way sites recruit patients for clinical trials!

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