Clinical Trials Day 2019

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Did you know that the first clinical trial ever conducted began aboard a 50-gun ship patrolling the English Channel on May 20, 1747?  James Lind was the P.I. investigating innovative new preventative treatments for scurvy. Finding patients for his trial was easy as there were only 2 inclusion criteria:

Twelve individuals matched the criteria and were enrolled (perhaps not voluntarily)… in a matter of minutes. The results were later published in his Treatise on Scurvy (SPOILER ALERT: it involved oranges and lemons). 

Advancements in medical research have increased significantly since then, but so have the difficulties in finding patients for trials – 50% of clinical trials fail due to low enrollment. That’s where Deep 6 AI fits in. We work hard to identify the areas where we can bring immediate improvement to the way clinical trial researchers are currently doing their work, and we build those solutions into Clinical Trial Acceleration Software that is available today for any researcher to use. Our tools use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to search structured and unstructured data in the medical record so patient navigators can find and validate all the patients they need to run a successful trial… in a matter of minutes. 


Just like it was in the good ol’ days. But with less scurvy. 😉

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