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Why Choose Deep 6 AI?
It takes a village to succeed and consistently operate high-performance clinical trials. Deep 6 connects all relevant study stakeholders via targeted software solutions, embedded within existing workflows, to jointly accelerate studies to successful completion. How can we help you?

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Deep 6 +
Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Hear Clive Svendsen, PhD and Director, Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute talk about the impact of Deep 6 at Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Deep 6 Drives Results

Deep 6 AI precision research empowers all trial stakeholders to run high-performance research projects. Every major milestone can be measured, tracked, and compared to a baseline, to encourage KPI-driven clinical trials.
"Pre-Deep 6: 7 patients With Deep 6: 314 patients"
Precision patient matching
Hospital struggled to find patients in 2021 due to staffing shortages and ongoing COVID pandemic
"Academic Medical Center recruited 4x patients per month using Deep 6"
Prospective study using invasive hemodynamic measurements following catheter ablation for AF and early HFpEF
"2x more patients in first 6 months"
Engineered T-Cells in patients with advanced tumors

Who We Support

Healthcare organizations

Researchers can use Cohort Builder to find all eligible patients for their study on Day 1, eliminating risk and months of manual data mining

Sponsors & CROs

Sponsors and CROs can accelerate and de-risk the entire clinical trial process, by leveraging precise, real-time real-world data to make better decisions for their trial design, site & PI selection, patient recruitment, on-study data gathering, and post-close analyses.

Real World Data

RWD with the largest database of unstructured data

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