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World class research institutions, including thousands of clinicians across 35 facilities, 200 sites, benefiting more than 30 million patients, run Deep 6 AI to accelerate their clinical trials and bring life-saving treatments to patients faster. 

Clinical trials are extremely valuable because they provide patients with opportunities to access therapies they otherwise would not have access to. This collaboration with Deep 6 AI will enhance our ability to bring cutting-edge treatments to our community.
– John Griswold, M.D., Executive Director of TTUHSC Clinical Research Institute

Find Better Matching Patients for your Clinical Trials in Seconds

Your patient population benefits from clinical trials as another care option. Your trials need participants. With Deep 6 AI’s self-service platform, build cohorts with AI-driven precision matching and natural language processing that reads the whole patient record. Deep 6 AI matches the hardest to retrieve clinical evidence in seconds while our NLP gives that data context allowing you to prioritize the best matching patients for your studies.  

Run feasibility searches that provide ONLY aggregate numbers, thus protecting the privacy of patients. Access to patient information is controlled by a whitelist feature that only allows access after IRB approval and only to the people who need to see it.

Find the right trials for your patients

Patients want to learn about clinical trials from who they trust the most, their physicians. Let Deep 6 AI’s Trial Recommender find the studies your patients are eligible for so you can review their best options with them. Trial Recommender matches complex inclusion and exclusion criteria to clinical evidence that makes your patient a match for a clinical trial. Deep 6 can find these data in the hardest-to-find locations such as pathology reports, ‘omics, physician notes, structured or unstructured data. And it does it in seconds. 

Recruit your patients in an integrated, organized workflow

Once you find and validate your patients with Deep 6 AI, recruitment comes next. Deep 6 AI’s Patient Recruiter provides a streamlined, easy-to-use, and fully integrated recruitment module to facilitate getting your identified patients enrolled on the study.  

Track all of your metrics

Centralize all the performance metrics for your clinical trials portfolio. Unify everything that you need to see;  see summaries of your eligible patients, validated patients, and recruited patients. See how every therapeutic area’s accrual is performing and more. Deep 6 AI’s Business Intelligence surfaces the crucial data that you need most, all at a glance. 

Become a high-performance clinical trial site

  • Real Time Feasibility 
    • Know your patient population in an instant 
    • Avoid failing studies 
    • Close languishing under recruiting studies  
  • Right Patients for the Right Trials 
    • Know who your patients are on day one of the study with precision matching
    • Recruit from across your whole healthcare enterprise with Multi-Site ™ 
  • Connect all stakeholders 
    • Involve all of your care team in trial recruitment 
    • Increase Clinical Research as a Care Option 
    • Enable all your doctors to refer patients for clinical trials with Trial Recommender, even the non-researcher physicians 
  • Attract more sponsors, revenue, and grants  
    • Turn your loss leader into a profit center 
    • Track and drive trials operational & financial performance​ 
  • Know your patient population 
    • Increase patient engagement, choice, and diversity, while reducing churn 

Deep 6 AI can help your organization:

The ability to recruit faster, eliminate manual screening tasks, and identify which trials are likely to be the most successful for your organization reduces the overall cost of clinical trials. Increasing trial throughput also presents greater opportunity for sponsors to share the cost of effective treatments for your patients. Providing sponsors access to your patient data through the Deep 6 AI platform monetizes that data, providing another revenue stream. Tracking the operational and financial performance of clinical trials is easy with visual dashboards.

Finding whether a patient meets the inclusion criteria often requires manually reading through the physician notes, pathology reports, and imaging reports (all examples of unstructured data). With the Deep 6 AI platform, these data are searched automatically, and exact and partial matches of your search terms are returned – helping you find more patients in a fraction of the time. 

Eliminate the lengthy process of screening patients and the associated chart review. The Deep 6 AI platform precision matches patients to a specific trial, reducing the chart review to only a final validation of the matched patients. Patient charts are accessible with one click in the user-friendly interface in a self-service platform all while preserving patient confidentiality. Because of the accuracy of patient matching to the protocol, there are fewer screen failures.

“In 1 year using Deep 6 AI, we tripled our trials portfolio from 10 to 30 trials.”

We know it’s challenging to quickly understand which trials should be prioritized based on the probability that your organization has the right patient population. In fact, many studies “fail” because feasibility assessment tools are lacking. With the Deep 6 AI Cohort Builder, you can easily determine if your patient population can support a clinical trial. This same functionality can be used to attract sponsors by letting them know that patients meeting their criteria are available in the clinic.

Using our Trial Recommender, you can provide patients with clinical trial options in minutes during their consultation. The Deep 6 platform matches data from the patient’s electronic medical record to stored protocols. All trials in your site network/ecosystem are accessible in the same search, allowing patients to be referred to other providers conducting research. Seamless integration of research into patient care improves outcomes and can increase satisfaction scores.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to quickly identify eligible patients across unstandardized, evolving data and symptomology. In addition, there is an increasing need to integrate genomics data when assessing inclusion/exclusion criteria. The natural language processing (NLP) inherent in the Deep 6 AI platform can address these issues, quickly and accurately and without the need for a separate system.

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