Healthbox chooses Deep 6 Analytics for its modified-accelerator program

Healthbox, modified-accelerator program for healthcare
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Healthbox, modified-accelerator program for healthcareDeep 6 Analytics is excited to have been chosen by Healthbox as one of 10 healthcare technology companies for its Chicago Studio program. The program, which takes place in October 2016, supports validated, early-stage, health tech companies in rapidly scaling across the healthcare ecosystem. Companies were selected from a large pool of highly competitive applicants based upon the strength of their founding teams and their innovative approaches to solving critical challenges in advancing healthcare. The modified-accelerator program also brings together a bevy of experts with deep experience in the health tech field who will work hand-in-hand with the selected companies.

The Healthbox Chicago Studio program will be tremendously helpful in refining our strategy, scaling our efforts rapidly and forging new relationships with key players within the healthcare industry.


Meet the Healthbox Chicago Studio Program class

The latest class of healthcare technology companies participating in the Healthbox Chicago Studio program includes Deep 6 Analytics, BrainCheck, CarePlaces, Crumb, EverlyWell, eVisit, Markit, Twiage, Vitae, and Vital Score.

Deep 6 Analytics for healthcare

Deep 6 applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to medical records to find better patients for clinical trials, faster.

Braincheck logo

BrainCheck enables patients and caregivers to assess changes in cognitive health performance over time and following acute trauma incidents.

CarePlaces logo

CarePlaces connects multiple care providers with each other and with the patient, simultaneously and continuously in real-time, to facilitate clinical care.

Crumb logo

Crumb is building a dynamic infrastructure capable of integrating millions of full patient records, claims, files, and disparate systems into a single, secure-access environment.

EverlyWell logo

EverlyWell is a platform that empowers consumers to order, self-collect, and understand their own physician-approved lab tests with the goal of improving health and preventing long-term chronic disease.

eVisit logo

eVisit is telehealth software designed for healthcare practices and hospital systems that enable increased patient flow and revenue within existing patient populations.

Markit Medical logo

Markit makes it easy for patients to select in-network and cost-effective providers by delivering price transparency information within minutes of receiving a referral from their doctor.

Twiage logo

Twiage provides a pre-hospital and ambulance triage system that enables hospitals and EMS to accelerate life-saving emergency care.

Vitae removes the barriers to efficiently delivering personalized medications at scale by automating and standardizing the pharmacy compounding process using 3D printing technology.

Vital Score is a behavioral science-based technology that identifies individuals at peak moments of receptivity and matches them to health services.

About Healthbox

Healthbox is an innovation consulting firm and venture capital investment manager dedicated to helping healthcare institutions innovate. We advise healthcare organizations on capturing and advancing high-potential concepts from inside their organizations and evaluating entrepreneurial solutions that are available outside of their organizations. In our work with 35 leading healthcare organizations and our evaluation of over 2,500 healthcare technologies from around the world, we have learned that both internal and external ideas need to be leveraged to create lasting transformation. By empowering the right people, establishing effective processes and cultivating emerging perspectives, we can achieve true innovation and better health for us all.

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