How it works

Your data +
natural language processing + medical ontologies + machine learning

Deep 6 AI’s software analyzes all structured and unstructured clinical data, including doctor’s notes, pathology reports, operating notes and other important medical data in free-text form that cannot be searched easily. The software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract thousands of new clinical data points: symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, genomics, lifestyle data, and many more. Extracting and aggregating this data turns a passive EHR into a multi-dimensional clinical vector that contains all the information needed to match complex clinical trial criteria.


Our AI understands not just the words, but also the relationships between medical concepts, finding far more matches in much less time. And because it learns from user feedback, the system gets faster and smarter over time.

Deep 6 Analytics screenshots


Clinical data is distilled into key elements – such as symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, test results, genomics, socio-economics and more – while masking protected health information.


Thousands of clinical data points extracted from the medical record are aggregated into a multi-dimensional clinical profile.


Researchers, analysts and doctors can use these multidimensional profiles to find and compare patients, cohorts and populations at machine speed.