How it works

Your data +
natural language processing + medical ontologies + machine learning

Deep 6 AI’s software analyzes structured data, such as ICD-10 codes, and unstructured clinical data, including doctor’s notes, pathology reports, operating notes and other important medical data in free-text form that cannot be searched easily. The software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract tens of thousands of new clinical data points – symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, genomics, lifestyle data, and more – turning fragmented medical documents into unified patient graphs that contain all the information needed to match complex clinical trial criteria.


Deep 6 AI’s software also identifies patients with conditions not explicitly mentioned in medical records. As a result, Deep 6 AI’s software finds more patients who better match trial criteria in a fraction of the time.

Deep 6 AI subject identification


Clinical data is distilled into key elements – such as symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, test results, genomics, socio-economics and more – while masking protected health information.


Thousands of clinical data points extracted from the medical record are aggregated into a multi-dimensional clinical profile.


Researchers, analysts and doctors can use these multidimensional profiles to find and compare patients, cohorts and populations at machine speed.