The Best Run Clinical Trials Use Deep 6

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Deep 6 AI finds more patients for clinical trials in minutes rather than months, getting life-saving cures to people more quickly. Fill out this form and let’s see how we can help unlock your data to improve your clinical trial process.

How we’re different

About 90% of all data in the world is unstructured, yet very few software tools know how to leverage the information it contains. We build applications that understand massive amounts of unstructured data at a very high speed and learn from users to single out the information that is most important to them. Deep 6 AI applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to all clinical data to find eligible patients for clinical trials faster, accelerating recruitment exponentially and getting cures to the people who need them more quickly.

The Benefits

  • Know you have the patients BEFORE you start a trial.  No more failed trials.
  • Precision matching dramatically increases the accuracy of finding patients, reducing both false positives and false negatives
  • Recruit faster
  • Attract more sponsors & more grants
  • Run more successful clinical trials