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De-risk and accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials

Gain visibility into AI-matched, eligible patients at real sites in real time early in trial planning and continuously through recruitment and RWE generation.

Our platform gives you access to the industry’s deepest source of real-time electronic medical record (EMR) data. With our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), you can query entire EMRs, including coded data, clinician notes, omics, labs, and pathology reports, to build precise patient cohorts and find better patient matches for trials. Then, turn data into action by sharing your matches with 1K+ active research facilities in our ecosystem, allowing site staff to quickly identify, validate, and enroll patients.

Deeper, real-time EMR data. Direct access to sites.

Get EMR data faster with access to real-time feeds from an established ecosystem of research sites already using our platform, including 18 academic medical centers (AMCs), 11 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, and 3 NCI Community Oncology Research Programs (NCORPs).

Build more precise patient cohorts and identify patients for trials faster by digging deeper into the EMR with AI & NLP—access 80% more data from unstructured clinician notes and reports.

Accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials and reduce site burden by delivering a screen-ready, precision-matched patient list to IRB-approved staff so they can identify, validate, and enroll patients faster.

Precisely find patients for your trial and reduce site burden

Find the right patients for your trial faster and simplify the screening, validation, and enrollment processes for your sites. The Recruitment Acceleration solution uses AI to match patients to trials at real sites in real time and enables you to share screen-ready patient lists with IRB-approved site staff across our ecosystem of 1K+ research facilities. Improve patient matching, simplify site collaboration, and encourage referrals from in-network physicians to your principal investigators.

Learn how we can help you with:

  • Patient matching
  • Recruitment support
  • Physician referrals

Recruitment Acceleration solution

Unlock deep clinical insights for RWE using AI

Improve the precision and speed of your RWE project. The RWE Generation solution uses AI to precisely identify patient charts for chart review and build more robust cohorts for prospective monitoring, registries, and RWE studies. We provide you with curated custom data sets and the ability to continuously collect endpoint data from the deep within the EMR. With Deep 6 AI, at any point, patients can be re-identified by IRB-approved researchers at the healthcare organization.

Learn how we can help you with:

  • Chart review
  • Prospective monitoring & registries
  • RWE studies

RWE Generation solution

How AI is changing cancer research

As AI-driven clinical operations become the norm at oncology research sites nationwide, the question arises: what role do sites want pharma to play?

Watch this webinar on demand to hear from Robert Stillman, MA, RN, CPHIMS, FHIMSS, Director, Clinical Research Informatics at The Ohio State University and Jesica Freeman, Senior Vice President, Product Management at Deep 6 AI as they discuss:

  • how to improve protocol design and feasibility to avoid downstream challenges at the site
  • how sites determine enrollment after getting a list of AI-matched patients
  • how sites are managing AI technologies and upskilling clinical research coordinators (CRCs) to improve recruitment

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