MM&M and Deep 6 AI Discuss the Struggles and Future of Patient Recruitment

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Medical Marketing & Media (MM&Mrecently spoke to our CEO Wout Brusselaers about the challenges in patient recruitment for clinical trials and what Deep 6 AI does to address those issues. 


While most medical records today have been digitized, the process for reading through those records remains a very manual and tedious process at many healthcare institutions worldwide, especially in clinical research. In order to find matching patients for trials, research professionals must spend time thoroughly looking through records to account for each piece of inclusion and exclusion criteria for a trial.


Wout points out that 80% of the relevant patient data lives in the physician notes, because of the time-consuming and incomplete nature of entering all data using structured EMR fields. This is where our tool comes in, by using natural language processing (NLP) to read through and organize all that data. He says NLP will be essential to the future of data analysis.  


Regarding the current state of the world following the outbreak of COVID-19, Wout mentions the benefit of having patients pre-identified for trials that have taken a backseat to those related to the coronavirusAs much of clinical research in other disease areas has been put on pause, it will be more important than ever to be able to quickly and efficiently recruit patients in order to get operations back on track. 


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