Nature Article Outlines How Deep 6 AI is Impacting Clinical Trials

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Deep 6 AI’s success with Cedars-Sinai was recently discussed in an article from Nature on “An AI boost for clinical trials“.


The article outlines the outdated and challenging methods researchers use to find and recruit patients for crucial clinical trials. Then the article details how software like Deep 6 AI is rapidly accelerating the recruitment process to nearly real-time.


“Software developed by Deep 6 AI, an AI-based trials recruitment company in Pasadena, California, was used by researchers at Cedars-Sinai Smidt Heart Institute in Los Angeles, California, to find 16 suitable participants for a trial in one hour. A conventional approach had turned up only two people in six months.”


We’re seeing these kinds of results from all of our customers. If you’d like to learn more and see how our software could help you find patients for the trials you’re running today, request a demo.


Read the full article here.

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