New Features In Cohort Builder v 3.0

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Deep 6 AI’s Cohort Builder is a software tool researchers can use to assist with identifying patients for clinical trials. It allows research staff to search structured and unstructured data in the EMR; looking at millions of documents in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve built your search query, a list of matching patients is generated. The source documentation for these matched patients can be reviewed in the tool in minutes, so you can get a list of patients that would be solid matches for your clinical trial. 


And today…it’s getting an update to v 3.0!


New features include:

  • Sort by document type: Choose the type of evidence in the EMR that you want. Filter by type of Notes, Tests, Diagnoses, History, and Treatments.
  • Partial matches: We now identify negations… phrases such as “no evidence of” or “history of” and kick those patients into the partial match pool for review and confirmation by you. This cuts down on the number of false positive hits in the matched list, but still makes those patients available for you to review if you want.  
  • New icons, new functionality: The skip, edit, delete, Boolean operator and calendar icons have moved and now any of these filters can be applied to multiple criteria at the same time. 

To download the one-pager for Cohort Builder, click here.


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