AI & Oncology Trials: Insights from Ochsner Health

AI & Oncology Trials: Insights from Ochsner Health

In 2020, Ochsner Health formed a partnership with Deep 6 AI to be able to read their unstructured EMR data with the same understanding and context as a trained researcher. By doing so, they have been able to improve cohort sizing and patient inclusion in clinical trials.  

In an interview for Oncology Issues, Daniel Fort, PhD, MPH, Biomedical Research Informatics Leader at Ochsner Health, shares his takeaways since implementing AI for the development of new cancer therapeutics. 

So far, the use of AI at Ochsner has dramatically increased the precision with which they identify patients for clinical trials. Dr. Fort shared two key examples: 

Example #1: Lung cancer clinical trial

“For example, for a single lung cancer study using AI to match patients, 1 patient was matched, and that same patient was approved for enrollment. If the research team had used traditional manual screening methods, maybe 292 patients would have been matched, but still only the same 1 patient approved.”

Example #2: Gynecologic cancer clinical trial

““In another example for gynecologic cancer, AI matched 64 patients, and 62 were approved. If the operations teams had used manual screening, 834 patients would have been matched to the study criteria, and only 40 would have been approved. This example shows both a reduction in false positives from 794 to 2 and a reduction in false negatives from 22 to zeroapproved.”

Read the interview to learn: 

  • 4 ways to leverage unstructured data using AI 
  • 4 main advantages to AI-assisted patient charting 
  • Case studies showing better precision when screening patients with AI 

Dr. Fort also discusses the criteria to look for when selecting an AI partner. According to him, “without AI-assisted virtual charting, the result is a low-precision cohort with a high false-positive rate, high operational burden, and longer time spent.” 

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