Deep 6 AI and Graticule Partner to Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment

Deep 6 AI and Graticule Partner to Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment

New, first-of-its-kind algorithm brings speed and precision to patient enrollment for a life-saving heart device trial

PASADENA, Calif.—January 5, 2023, Deep 6 AI, a leading AI-powered precision research platform for healthcare organizations and life sciences companies, announced its partnership with Graticule, an on-demand, advanced real-world data and advisory services provider. The two companies are designing research algorithms and real-world data services to better identify and prioritize patients for clinical trials across many disease indications. Their first algorithm automates patient screening for a sponsored cardiovascular medical device trial. This time-saving technology, coupled with rapid implementation services, is being actively piloted at sites in the Deep 6 AI research ecosystem to accelerate trial completion.

Key measurements indicating a patient’s eligibility for the clinical trial or qualification for standard of care treatment, such as the measure of the heart’s ejection fraction, did not exist within structured electronic medical record (EMR) data. The solution developed by Deep 6 AI and Graticule uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to mine large, real-time pools of structured and unstructured electronic medical record (EMR) data, such as clinical notes, radiology reports, and catheterization lab reports, to precisely identify a cohort of eligible patients and extract key insights into each patient’s condition and history. The screening algorithm then uses these insights to qualify and prioritize eligible patients to provide a clearer picture of the patients most likely to benefit from the intervention. The extracted, relevant information is presented to the research team in useful and intuitive ways.

“Traditionally, it takes up to two years for life sciences companies to get access to EMR data to develop novel patient matching algorithms,” said Dan Housman, Chief Technology Officer, Graticule. “Additionally, traditional methods of ‘clinical data pulling’ often burden an already overworked hospital IT staff. We partnered with Deep 6 AI to accelerate the development and deployment of screening tools that reduce site burden through access to ready to use deep EMR data from 1K+ research facilities across the Deep 6 AI ecosystem.” 

“We help clinical research teams identify targeted patient populations with great precision and speed by using AI to mine deeper data that goes beyond traditional claims and structured EMR data,” said Wout Brusselaers, founder and CEO, Deep 6 AI. “By applying Graticule’s real-world data research methods and advisory services to the real-time, real patient data within our research ecosystem, we have drastically improved the utility of the research algorithms and screening processes we offer.” 


About Deep 6 AI

Deep 6 AI is the leader in precision research software, enabling healthcare organizations and life sciences companies to de-risk trials, accelerate recruitment, and generate real-world evidence with speed and precision. Its AI-powered software precisely matches patients to clinical trials by mining real-time structured and unstructured electronic medical record data across its ecosystem of 1K+ research facilities, including 18 academic medical centers, 11 NCI-Designated Cancer Centers, and 3 NCI Community Oncology Research Programs. Visit to learn more.

About Graticule  

Graticule provides data subscriptions and on-demand data collaborations to pharma clients to unlock the value in advanced real-world data such as imaging, genomics, and free text notes. Graticule provides extensions to technologies with mature adoption within health systems to eliminate IT overhead and to accelerate the data collaboration process. Graticule is focused on curating data resources and applications for Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology and Rare Diseases. Uses of Graticule data by life sciences clients include machine learning model development, biomarker development, clinical trial recruitment, and identification of undiagnosed patients.  For more information, visit Graticule at 


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