Our Top Takeaways from SCOPE 2023

Our Top Takeaways from SCOPE 2023

What an exciting couple of days! Not only were we overwhelmed with visitors at our booth, but we got to sit in on several sessions. The major themes at the conference this year centered around patient recruitment, DEI, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Of course, these are all highly relevant themes for our company.

We also did group demos at our booth this year. While we usually do one-on-one presentations, we found that group demos sparked conversations among people at varying companies about the possibilities of our technology.

Here are some of our takeaways from conversations and the reoccurring points we explained to our visitors:

    • We support patient recruitment. It remains a major industry problem and it is one part of what we do.
    • We optimize protocols by providing real-time patient population metrics on any specific criteria requested using our AI solution. Ultimately, this feature helps to increase the likelihood of  successful trials.
    • Site selection is another major part of our solution. A lot of our sponsors use the same clinical trial sites over and over because that’s simply how they do things. We’re taking a different approach by helping sponsors identify new investigators and start up sites faster. A key factor is looking at the patient population data in real time to ensure the site will be successful.
    • Using our natural language processing technology, visitors were quick to see how it could improve diversity in clinical trials. Along the same lines, unstructured EHR data contains valuable information on the social determinants of health (e.g. language barriers, family structure, etc.).
    • Genomics was a hot topic! With our technology, end users have access to genomics reports and genetic biomarkers for truly personalized medicine.
    • The theme of decentralized trials has been all the buzz the past few years. Deep 6 enables a deliberate and prescriptive approach to ensure strategic trial design and inclusion of the most important stakeholders. We’ve noticed a lack of precision in decentralized trials, but our solution allows precision matching of patients to specific trials.
    • People were inspired by the possibilities when they saw our technology in action! We focus on recruitment, patient inclusion and exclusion criteria, pharmacovigilance and site selection, but there are many other use cases.

    Overall, we noticed how much the industry recognizes the need for change and is more open to moving into a new era of technology. This is especially exciting as a category creator shaping the industry and paving the way for others to enable digital transformation.
    A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at SCOPE and chatted with us! We had a fantastic couple of days in Florida. If you missed SCOPE and want to learn more about our category-creating software, you can always reach out to us here.
    Input from: Dan Calvert and Melissa Collins