We’re Proud to Be Partnering with Point72 Ventures, GSR Ventures, and Others on Our $17M Series A Funding Round

We’re Proud to Be Partnering with Point72 Ventures, GSR Ventures, and Others on Our $17M Series A Funding Round

This week we announced a momentous step in our journey: our $17M Series A funding round, led by Point72 Ventures. Point72 Ventures’ focus on backing best-in-class category leaders is a tremendous vote of confidence in our mission and potential.


“We see clinical trials recruiting as a place where a data and AI-driven approach holds tremendous promise in accelerating life-saving research,” said Point72 Ventures partner Daniel Gwak. “Deep 6’s track record in accelerating clinical trials through improved patient recruitment and trial design has resonated strongly with major healthcare providers and trial sponsors, who recognize Deep 6 as the clear leader in this field. We are excited to support them in scaling up to meet demand as more organizations recognize the need for and value from Clinical Trials Acceleration software.”


Forbes covered the funding round with a fantastic article that highlights the value we bring to the clinical trial recruitment process, along with our growing relationship with Texas Medical Center.


Bill McKeon, CEO of Texas Medical Center, a collection of 61 different health institutions, says that TMC is rolling out Deep 6 software across its network to replace the typical process of finding clinical trial candidates, which requires associates to manually flip through thick folders of medical records.


“It’s just a long slog to find patients for clinical trials,” he says.


When TMC researchers compared one recruitment scenario to results driven by Deep 6’s software, however, the difference was dramatic, McKeon says: In a given case study, it took six months to find 12 eligible patients for a trial, while the same matching process through Deep 6’s software found 80 potential people in minutes.


“It’s just completely transforming,” McKeon says.


So, what’s next?


We’re planning to use this funding to scale the Deep 6 team and product to meet the strong demand in the market. Hospitals, governments, and pharma companies are all interested in leveraging our platform to accelerate their clinical trial planning and recruitment, and we’re expanding our team to meet that need. Our core focus is ensuring that our software is creating value for our customers and we’ll be growing our service and product capabilities to do so.


If you or someone you know is interested in joining our team, check out our careers page.


We’ll also be using the funding to power our outreach efforts. Our customers are doing amazing things with our software and we want to share their success stories with the world. (Sign up for our newsletter if you want to hear about those stories first!)


We have a number of exciting partnerships and customer announcements in the works, so stay tuned for more news soon as we continue to build momentum and accelerate the clinical trial process!


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