Oncology Clinical Trial Recruitment

Genomics data is scarce, and it’s scattered across the EMR. Our AI finds patients for precision medicine and oncology trials with unprecedented speed and precision.
– Wout Brusselaers, CEO, Deep 6 AI

Find patients with specific genetic markers in real time

Find patients for oncology clinical trial recruitment and precision medicine trials faster. In a single, intuitive software interface you can query millions of electronic medical records (EMRs) to find patients with specific genetic markers in real time. It allows you to precision-match patients to trials based on their phenotypical clinical and genomic profile in minutes rather than months.

Access the industry’s deepest source of genomics data

With approximately 80% of patient records containing genomics data in disparate genetic reports and free-text clinician notes, traditional keyword searches won’t cut it. Deep 6 AI allows you to find specific genetic markers in the depths of the medical record across structured and unstructured data. You can query EMRs for 19,000 genes, multiple mutation types (e.g., substitution, deletion, duplication, insertion, and indel), and over 30,000 locus-specific mutation names with unprecedented precision.

Easily find patients with disease progression

Increase your chances of finding patients that are ready for additional or new therapy by precisely identifying patients that have disease progression. Our AI mines documentation in the EMR for terms such as ‘enlarging lymphadenopathy’ or ‘new mass’ that would indicate a patient’s solid tumor cancer is progressing. The result is more accurate feasibility counts and faster recruitment with less time spent by site staff reviewing and screening ineligible patients.

“The tumor-staging aspect of the Deep 6 AI software is better than what I’ve seen offered by other companies in this space.”

-Dir. Clinical Operations, Top 10 pharmaceutical company

Make data-driven decisions to accelerate patient recruitment in oncology clinical trials

Accelerate trial design, feasibility, and recruitment.

  • Optimize protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria
  • Assess trial and site feasibility faster
  • Reduce site burden by saving time on chart reviews
  • Find patients that might otherwise be missed

Become an AI-powered research team

Clinical trials for oncology and precision medicine are often more complex than standard treatment for non-oncology trials. They may require molecular analysis, more targeted therapy, and many different treatment arms to the trial. With AI, we can find patient populations for any advanced cancer with the accuracy and timeliness needed for innovative, life-saving treatments. 

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