Use AI to precisely find eligible patients in real-time EMR data across 1K+ facilities and connect directly with sites to recruit faster

De-risk your protocol and select the right sites

  • Assess cohort availability and DE&I based on your inclusion and exclusion (I/E) criteria
  • Evaluate the presence of each inclusion and exclusion (I/E) criteria in structured and unstructured EMR data
  • Select sites with eligible patients today and let us connect you to those site

Get continuous visibility into patient matches and their recruitment status

  • Find patients that precisely match your I/E criteria using AI to mine structured and unstructured EMR data that is refreshed daily
  • Get continuous visibility into the recruitment status of AI-matched patients at each site

Get direct access to sites and reduce staff burden

  • Connect with sites and get high-touch access to support recruitment acceleration
  • Accelerate accruals at the site by sharing AI-matched, screen-ready patients with IRB-approved staff to identify and validate
  • Encourage treating physicians to refer patients to in-network principal investigators (PIs)

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center uses AI for recruitment

John Griswold, M.D., executive director of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) Clinical Research Institute, spoke with KCBD-TV about how artificial intelligence (AI) will help researchers precision match participants to trials faster and ultimately improve patient outcomes.


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