For Sponsors & CROs

Find Patients in Minutes, Not Months

Everyone has heard the phrase that past performance is no guarantee of future success. So why do sponsors keep going back to the same sites based on nothing more than a relationship. The selection of a site is an investment on the success of your study. Deep 6 takes the guesswork out of your site selection and allows your team to make data driven decisions by knowing in real-time the number of actual precision matched patients available at the site and to that principal investigator.

Design a better trial protocol with known patients

Leverage real time real life data to plan for and submit your Investigational New Drug application based on real time aggregate data from real sites.

  • Precision match your protocol to patients’ medical records from real sites in real time 
  • Leveraging information found in both structured (CPT, ICD-10-CM, LOINC, MeSH, RxNorm, and SNOMED CT codes) as well as unstructured (physician notes, pathology reports, laboratory results, genomic reports, post operative notes, etc.) data sources. 
  • Optimize your protocol based on available patients and their medical records
  • Know how each of your inclusion and exclusion decisions affect the total population of actual matched patients in real-time
  • Set your expected patient recruitment goals

Build a Study

Select and collaborate with sites before activations

Low recruiting sites introduce unnecessary risk into a trial. With real-time visibility into the number of precision matched patients within the Deep 6 AI ecosystem, that risk is minimized.  

  • Know which sites have your patients
  • Identify & activate sites with actual patients
  • Dramatically reduce the risk of failed sites
  • Eradicate costs from activating and managing under enrolling sites

Share your study with a site

Validate precision matched patients before one activates the site. Sharing your protocol with a site enables the study team to instantaneously see the list of their precision matched patients and the medical evidence used to match them. 

  • Show the site who their patients are.
  • Have the sites validate the patient population you need before you activate them.
  • Insure sites with precision matched patients.
  • Accelerate IRB approval and activation of sites.
  • Begin recruiting validated precision matched patients on Day 1.

Share your Study

Track your study

Real-time visibility on newly precision matched patients and their recruitment progress across all Deep 6 AI  sites.  Significantly reduce the burden associated of getting this information from your sites.  

  • Know about newly eligible precision matched patients in real-time.
  • Monitor recruitment progress across all Deep 6 AI sites in real-time

Track Recruitment Progress

Publish your studies to precision matched patients within the Deep 6 ecosystem

Patients are over 20x more likely to join a trial on the recommendation of a trusted doctor. Make it easy for doctors to recruit patients for you, even non-research doctors. 

Publish your studies to precision matched patients across the Deep 6 AI eco-system.  Allowing healthcare providers and their patients to find trials that match the patients’ current medical status instantly. 

  • Marketing only to precision matched patients and their providers
  • Reduction of failed screening providing precision matched patients. 

Use the Deep 6 AI platform to:

Quickly determine if patients exist for your trial protocol. As you enter the protocol into the system, feasibility assessment happens in real time and shows the number of matched patients by site. Get instant feedback on the impact to the number of matched patients with changes to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

It’s easy to visualize which sites have patients available. You can easily collaborate with those sites right within the platform. Ultimately, you have access to high-performance clinical trial sites that have a known set of patients.

Only 0.2% of doctors and nurses refer their patients to clinical trials because of a lack of awareness of available trials.

In addition to identifying eligible patients through EMR data, physicians and nurses in the Deep 6 AI healthcare provider network use Trial Recommender to see which trials are precision matched to their patients.

Collaborate with your sites on a shared data platform and monitor recruitment efforts in real-time. The user-friendly interface allows you to track the patient enrollment before they get screened into your trial.

See how simple it is for Deep 6 AI to transform one of your trials