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Cohort Builder v3.1 

Deep 6 AI’s Cohort Builder is a software tool researchers can use to assist with identifying patients for clinical trials. It allows research staff to search structured and unstructured data in the EMR; looking at millions of documents in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve built your search query, a list of matching patients is generated. The source documentation for these matched patients can be reviewed in the tool in minutes, so you can get a list of patients that would be solid matches for your clinical trial.


We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’re happy to announce that we’ve built many of the most often requested features into this latest release.



This new category appears in your search results when the criteria you’re searching for shows up with a negation.  So if you were looking for “cancer” and a patient’s record included the word “cancer” next to the phrase “no history of,” this would show up as a Partial Match instead of Full Match, reducing the number of false positives, while still making those patients available for you to review if you want.


Our new Usage Dashboard gives organizational leaders and admins real-time insights into the impact of Deep 6 on their clinical trials so they can answer questions like, “How many trials are you running on Deep6?” or, “How often are your researchers looking for new patients that match their trials?”

Actionable insights ho!


We’ve also added the new “Document Type” filter, which makes it possible for you to look for part of your query in a specific type of evidence. Want to limit your search to only those patients who have evidence of cancer documented in pathology reports? Lab results? Physician notes? Of course you do. And you can now. 




We’ve completely revamped the Build Query page to a new 2-pane design, with your Criteria on the left and your Query on the right. In addition to refining concept selection, we’ve exposed all the options for editing your criteria and query in the form of “Modes” above each pane. This means nothing is hidden, letting you create and edit your query faster than ever.

Have a suggestion for a future update? Email success@deep6.ai today.

Download the brochure for Cohort Builder.

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