World TB Day March 24

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Today, on the anniversary of Robert Koch’s discovery of tuberculosis in 1882, we commemorate World Tuberculosis Day. It is a day to recognize achievements in TB prevention and control, and to renew our commitment to ending this devastating disease. In the United States, up to 13 million people have latent TB.


To truly stop TB, it needs to be stopped everywhere. Clinical research with that goal in sight is ongoing and several trials are currently recruiting patients for studies.  


Deep 6 AI accelerates completion of clinical trials by finding better matching patients in minutes, not months. With our self-service app, clinical researchers can run searches on the medical data at their site directly, without help from IT, rapidly pulling together a list of matching patients.


We asked a researcher to enter the NCT code for an open TB trial into our cohort builder to see how long it would take to build a query and get back a list of matching patients at one of our sites. The trial we chose was recently launched by IDRI (Infectious Disease Research Institute) to further examine IDRI’s TB vaccine. Their trial is currently looking to recruit 48 patients. 


With Deep 6 AI we built the query and found 61 patients in 36 minutes.  



It’s time to speed up clinical research. It’s time to end TB.

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